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“Princess Wencheng” receives great popularity

Photo shows that large-scale musical “Princess Wencheng” is performed at Ci Juelin Tibetan Cultural Street, Lhasa, capital of southwest China”s Tibet Autonomous Region. [Xinhua/Zhang Rufeng]

“Princess Wencheng”, a Tibetan Cultural Legendary Opera, is the first classic epic integrating cultures of Tang Dynasty (618-907) and Tubo Kingdom (618-842). Against the backdrop of natural scenery in Lhasa, the opera mainly tells a story of a political marriage between Tang Dynasty princess Wencheng and Tibetan patriarch Songtsen Gampo. Musical “Princess Wencheng” was first performed on Aug. 1 of 2013.According to the data, up to now, “Princess Wencheng” has been performed 148 rounds. The box office reached 165 million yuan (about 14.74 million U. S. dollars) this year. By the end of 2015, the opera completed three performance seasons. More than 800 performers are involved in the opera, among which 95 percent are local Tibetan residents. 800 job opportunities efficiently solved the employment issues. In addition, it also plays an important role in carrying the essences of Tibetan history and culture, such as Tibetan costumes, Tibetan dance and singing.


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