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libgit2 v0.24.2 发布,Git 核心开发包

libgit2 v0.24.2 发布了。

libgit2 是一个可移植、纯C语言实现的 Git 核心开发包,你可以使用它来编写自定义的 Git 应用。


  • adfece0 array: fix search for empty arrays

  • 5a9d850 odb: only provide the empty tree

  • ed5299a odb: actually insert the empty blob in tests

  • 886bd6a mwindow: init mwindow files in git_libgit2_init

  • edf420f cmake: add curl library path

  • e499b13 git_checkout_tree options fix

  • 12b73ff transports: http: reset `connected` flag when re-connecting transport

  • 0dea429 ignore: allow unignoring basenames in subdirectories

  • 8f342c6 stransport: do not use `git_stream_free` on uninitialized stransport

  • 9aee7bc stransport: make internal functions static

  • b64722f SecureTransport: handle NULL trust on success

  • 完整版内容,请点击此处查看发行日志


  • Source code (zip)

  • Source code (tar.gz)

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